Still buying the new notebook

After calling costumer service over skype about 6 times and placing my order 3 times, I did manage to get my order through with my Brazilian, yet international, credit card.

Since I am still living in Brazil (for 7 more days) I don’t have an address in Zürich yet. So my order will be delivered to the address of Stamford Consultants AG, the company that hired me.

Basically, dell took a whole 24 hours to reply stating that “your name is not listed on the phone book under the address you supplied“. So I called costumer care again, and they figured out that the notice they sent me was written in German. Now they opened a “case” in their system saying that the notice must be translated to English, so that I reply to it saying that I know that my name is not listed!

After the case was opened, I wated for about one hour and called them again, I spoke to yet another costumer care person. I gave her my case number, she say that they will get back to me in a few days!

So now, I replied to the message that was sent in german, saying that they should deliver it to the person at the company placing an “ordered by: myself” on the address. All I can do now is wait :-D

My DELL This image is just so that today’s story could have a happy ending!!!  If you want to see more details, just click on the image and view dell’s site.


  1. ribeirodesenv wrote:

    I believe if you’d bought this from HP nothing of this woulda happen! ;)
    Anyway, it’s a nice machine. Congratulations, ‘dad’!

  2. krico wrote:

    I didn’t see the lights! HP doesn’t have a notebook with the fagish “lights” that this note has!

  3. ribeirodesenv wrote:

    HP is the Force itself :)

  4. krico wrote:

    Taking (writing) is easy, why don’t you place a link to a better HP computer that is about the same price?

  5. guddy wrote:

    Well… If you go to StandCenter, you can buy an awesome HP notebook for less than that. Since I’m new here, I have two suggestions (Did I get that right?): Change the mofockin skin (Default is LAME) and cancel yo shit with Dell. As I always say, I’d rather take my chance with the thieves of MOO-HUM-BAW than with the official/legit thieves (Dell/HP/MS, etc.). In essence, they do have top of the line notebooks for very good prices and one-year warranty.

  6. krico wrote:

    Hunf, theme changed :-) I need to find a better one.

  7. tuka04 wrote:

    Krico me going (smoke) ;)

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