kart racing & beer drinking

kartAs promissed, the whole mandic:crew met at the “jaguaré kart in” for another race of the mandic:kart championchip.

I did manage to make the pole position!!! And then during the race I didn’t do so good :-( and finished up in 9th.

Right after that we went beer drinking in “sujinho” a very traditional and simple bar. At some point, me and my brother managed to convince people to make a danish toast with tequila! Well, we did order 7 tequilas, so a lot of people got a shot!

This was also a “good-bye” event were I got to say good bye to many cool people like: taz & talita, machini, costela, laiza, lucio and dylon.


  1. costela wrote:

    Thanks man, I had a great time and I hope you had too. Nothing better than good memories as luggage on a trip like yours!

    I know we’ll keep in touch, but it’s been very cool working with you (even though it was just a month) and - again - I’m very grateful for the many votes of confidence!

    Cheers, have a great journey (you and the mrs.) and don’t let the ping latency increase too much over the distance! :-)

  2. costela wrote:

    PS.: where the fuck is the video of the race!? Just ’cause you were 9th doesn’t mean we can’t see it! :-D

  3. mom wrote:

    This is a very important moment… first comment to Krico`s blog!
    Beijos mil.

  4. krico wrote:

    Well well… Sorry I took so long. I don’t have a computer anymore :-)

    I will publish the kart video with my new dell, from Zurich! I checked UPS site and they will deliver my computer on the 17th.

    Mom, be welcome!

  5. ribeirodesenv wrote:

    Let’s not forget i’m the championship Leader, 22 points agains machini’s 21…

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