bye bye Brazil

Well, I am packing!
My bag contains several important things (linksys wireless router, sony handy cam, RJ45 connectors, Javascript Bible) and some other things like underwear, etc.
Oh, important, I am taking 10.000 marlboro cigarettes!
I am writing this on my wife’s computer (iMac w/ OSX) and this will probably be my last post before I leave! I […]

kart racing & beer drinking

As promissed, the whole mandic:crew met at the “jaguaré kart in” for another race of the mandic:kart championchip.
I did manage to make the pole position!!! And then during the race I didn’t do so good :-( and finished up in 9th.
Right after that we went beer drinking in “sujinho” a very traditional and simple […]

dell order was aproved!

I needed to register this.  Yes, the order was aproved!  I’ll certainly post something here when I get the notebook :-)

Last day at work

I worked in mandic during the last four years!
Today is my last day @work! I feel like a gangsta!

Still buying the new notebook

After calling costumer service over skype about 6 times and placing my order 3 times, I did manage to get my order through with my Brazilian, yet international, credit card.
Since I am still living in Brazil (for 7 more days) I don’t have an address in Zürich yet. So my order will be delivered […]

I am buying a new notebook

As you should know, I am relocating from São Paulo/Brazil to Zürich/Switzerland…
I am trying to get a dell notebook and it should be delivered to the address of the company that is hiring me. The thing is, I attempted to pay with my brazilian credit card… Dell says the billing address should be […]